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"Family has guided Chef Bob Iacovone's recent decisions. In 2009, Iacovone left his executive chef job at Cuvée to be a stay-at-home dad. At the time, Cuvée was one of the city's top restaurants and Iacovone one of its highest-profile chefs. In November 2017, he and his wife Joanna opened Iacovone Kitchen on Freret Street – and it's all about family."  
Feature by Nola.com/The New Orleans Times-Picayune's Todd A. Price

Grab-and-go & sit down meals. Delicious, fresh meals don't have to break the bank and delightful flavors can be a part of everyday meals. We offer a full menu of fresh salads, soups, sandwiches, rice bowls and daily specials featuring seasonal ingredients. We cater to a variety of diets, including paleo, dairy-free, vegetarian and meals prepared without gluten* (*Not safe for celiacs due to cross contamination). We also feature private dinners with customized menus and conversations with our guests. 

We're proud to be a family business owned and operated in New Orleans.

What people are saying about Iacovone Kitchen


Honored to be featured in Food & Wine’s top Best Local New Orleans Restaurants for 2019!


"The idea is meals to go; there will be vegetarian, seafood and meat entrees each day, as well as sides, soups, salads and sauces. What, no souffles or sherberts? (I would not put it past him.)

On the one hand, I should be tired of typing “Freret Street” and “new restaurant or food business” in the same sentence almost every week; on the other hand, the new joint will be a quarter mile from my house, and Bob makes good food." - Robert Peyton, Haute Plates, MyNewOrleans.com on Iacovone Kitchen's opening

"The quality of food that emerged from Chef Bob's kitchen and the service staff's strict professionalism never wavered – there is no ruse here. You can appreciate, even relish, Iacovone's detailed preparations; with them, the food attains an intellectual profundity that tickles your memory for days...[You'll recognize] the merit of Iacovone's dynamic Creole-continental musings."

A review of Bob's work while at Cuvee, Gambit Weekly